COVID-19 / Coronavirus Information

In-person worship resumes Sunday Dec. 20th.

WOW will resume on Wed. Feb. 17th for a special WOW Lenten Worship Series   

 Worship will be at 6:00 pm for the special WOW Lenten Worship Series. There will be no meal before worship and no classes of any kind after worship.

The WOW Lenten Worship Series will run every Wednesday night from February 17th through Easter on April 4th 

Here’s How We’ll Be Safe When We Resume Worship At The Church Building

Our church council is implementing the following precautionary measures to guard the health and safety of our church family and surrounding community. For those who choose not to gather with us for worship quite yet (due to risk factors, such as health conditions or age) please know that we understand and respect your decision. We’ll miss you, and look forward to the day we can all worship together again. Please be aware that even when we gather for worship at church, we’ll continue to make worship services available on our church website and on Mediacom channel 4. 

1. Those who are sick or have recently been exposed to someone with coronavirus should not attend worship.

2.   The doors of the church will be propped open before worship so no one has to touch the door handles.

3.    Greeters will not be shaking hands as you enter worship.

4.    No paper worship bulletins will be distributed. The entire liturgy will be projected on the screen.

5.    Attendance will be limited to one-third of  the sanctuary seating capacity.

6.   Social distancing will be maintained during worship by spreading out and sitting at least 6 ft. from unrelated persons.

7.   Wearing a face mask is required.

8.   We’ll not be “sharing the peace” during worship.

9.   We’ll not be passing offering plates during worship. Offerings may be left in offering plates located at each entrance.

10. Holy Communion is being celebrated in a cautious, careful way.

11. There will be no congregational singing. Together, we will speak the words of the liturgy, such as the Confession & Forgiveness and Creed.

12. Pastor Dave will not be shaking hands as you depart worship.

13. Those not wishing to sit in the sanctuary may listen to the service in the church basement, where the service will be broadcast on the audio system.

14. We’ll be doing extra cleaning of the sanctuary between worship services.

Be at peace in Christ’s love, knowing we’ll make it through this together. 

Be safe… Be patient… Be kind… Be at peace… in Christ.

Worship Services & Sermons Are Available Online And On TV

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Can’t Stop the Gospel!

During our temporary time away from gathering for worship at church – and even after we resume gathering for worship at church on June 7th – you can watch newly recorded sermons and worship services on the SERMONS page of this website. Our newly recorded sermons and worship services are also available on Local Access television, Mediacom channel 4 every Sunday at 9:00 am and Friday at 10:00 am. For more information on our church’s response to coronavirus please visit the Special Edition of Echoes in the NEWSLETTER page of this website.