Pastor Dave’s sermons on YouTube

In addition to the links below, you can find many of Pastor Dave’s sermons by simply searching under his name (Pastor Dave Raemisch) on YouTube. Our worship services are also available on Local Access television, channel 4 in Monticello, IA every Sunday at 9:00 am and Friday at 10:00 am



March 7 Sunday Worship with Guest Preacher Anthony Windau

February 28, Sunday Worship Service, “John 11:1-46”

February 24 Lent Worship Service,

February 21, Sunday Worship Service, “John 10:1-21”

February 17, Ash Wednesday Worship Service,

February 14, Sunday Worship Service, “John 10:22-41”

January 31. Sunday Worship Service, “John 9:1-41”

January 24, Sunday Worship Service “John 8:31-32”

January 17, Sunday Worship Service “John 8:31-59”

January 10, Sunday Worship Service “John 8:12-30”

January 3, Sunday Worship Service “John 7:53-8:11” 

Dec. 24, Christmas Eve Worship Service

December 27, Sunday Worship “Christmas Music & Scripture Readings Service” 

December 20, Sunday Worship & Sermon, “God With Us”

December 13, Worship & Sermon, “The Ontology of Christmas”

December 6, Worship & Sermon, “John 7:25-52”

November 29, Sunday Worship & Sermon, “The Context of Jesus Ministry in John”

November 22, Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John 7:1-24”

November 15, Sunday Worship & Sermon “John 6:16-50”

November 8, Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John 6:51-71”

November 1, Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John 5:30-47”

October 25 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John 5:25-29”

October 18 Sunday Worship & Sermon, Guest Preacher Anthony Windau

October 11 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John 5:1-24”

October 4 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John Chapter 4”

September 27 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John Chapter 3”

September 20 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John Chapter 2”

September 13 Sunday Worship & Sermon with Guest Preacher Anthony Windau.

September 6 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John Chapter 1”

August 30 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “What’s John All About? – Part 2”

August 23 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “What’s John All About? – Part 1”

August 16 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “John: The One, Fine, True & Chief Gospel”

August 9 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Slinky Theology”

August 2 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Nothing”

July 26 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “God Loves ‘Em All”

July 19 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “The Goodest News Ever!”

July 12 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Keep It Real: Real Faith For Real Life”

July 5 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Kenosis: Try It Sometime!”

June 28 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Are We More Than Dead Bones Walking?” 

June 21 Sunday Worship & Sermon, “Here’s to Mud in Your Eye!”

June 14 Sunday worship service & sermon, “God is…? We are…?”

June 7 Sunday worship service & sermon, “Desperation”

May 30 Sunday worship service & sermon, “1 John: Knowing & Being & Doing”

May 24 Sunday worship service & sermon, “1 John: Lessons on Love and Sin”

May 17 Sunday worship service & sermon,  “The Best Place to Start Reading the Bible”      

May 10 Sunday worship service and sermon, “Hunker Down In God’s Word”

May 6 WOW worship service & sermon, “Faith & the Fiery Furnace.”

May 2 Sunday worship service & sermon, “Has Corona Changed You?”

April 29 WOW worship service & sermon, “Esther”

April 26 Sunday worship service & sermon, “Follow Jesus’ Advice”

April 22, WOW worship service & sermon, “Do More Than Just Believe!”

April 19, Sunday worship service & sermon, “We’re in Deep Waters”

April 15, 2020 WOW worship service & sermon, “The Golden Rule… or Your Own Rules?” 

Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 Worship Service & Sermon, “Keep Calm in Christ”

Maundy Thursday, April 9, 2020 Tenebrae Worship Service,

Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 worship service & sermon “Holy Week”

April 1, Lenten worship service & sermon “Sampson”

March 29, Sunday worship service and sermon “Wilderness”

Mar. 15 “What is Worship”

Mar. 8 “A Song for the Journey”

Mar. 1 “What Gospel Did Jesus Die For?”

Feb. 23 “It’s All Greek to Me”

Feb 16 “Your New Bible Study Leader is… Jesus”

Feb. 2 “The Foolishness of Faith”

Jan. 26 “What’s the Point?”

Jan. 19 “Are You a Patient Person?”

Jan. 5 Sermon “What Is a True Story?”

2019 Christmas Sermon

Dec. 15 “The In-Breaking of the Kingdom of God”

Dec. 1 “Are You Ready?”

Nov. 24 “God, Make Me a Thanks-Giver Not a Grumbler”

Nov. 17 “Joy & Victory in Jesus”

Nov. 3 “Names That Matter”

Oct. 6 “Committed Christian”

Sept. 22 “Worship”

Sept. 15 “Love”

Sept. 1st “Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly”

August 25 “Let’s Get Back to the Altar”

August 18 sermon “Jesus Came to Bring Peace to… Who?”

August 11 sermon “Are You Ready for the Rapture?”

August 4 sermon “Wise Up!”

July 28 sermon “Pray for Perspective”

July 21 sermon “What’s Important to You?”

July 14 sermon “Choices to Make”

June 30 sermon “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus”

June 9 sermon “Come, Kamikaze, Come!”

June 2 Sermon “Can’t We All Just Get Along”

May 26 Sermon “Benediction & Doxology”

May 5 Sermon “Religion vs. Relationship”

Easter Sermon

April 14 “The Sunday of the Passion”

March 31 “What is a Fresh Start Worth?”

March 17 “Thin Places”

Mar. 3 “Meeting Jesus Again As If For the First Time”

Feb. 24 “What Does a Committed Christian Look Like?

Feb 17 “Context, Context, Context”

Feb. 3 “God Can Teach Us to Love”

 Jan. 27 “The Secret to Living a Beautiful Life”